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In Defense Of Reality TV

The year is 2015. I felt stuck in some aspects of my life. Coming to an end unbeknownst to me at the time in my career of playing music while also working for an entertainment merchandise company, I was struggling with what direction I wanted my life to go in. It’s not easy living in New York paycheck to paycheck and I knew I was destined for something different. My back was against the wall.


I’m not ashamed to admit reality TV is what got me into real estate. My wife loves her Bravo and has for many (many) years. In the spring of 2015, she roped me into this world with some real housewives and a different show she felt I can better relate to, million dollar listing NY. 


While watching MDLNY, I saw some similarities between the world I was living in and my career in music and entertainment and real estate. I felt like I was already trained to handle objections, rejections, drama, teamwork, highs, lows, networking, performing, etc…


I’ll never forget sitting on my couch that spring watching with her. She paused the show mid-episode, and said to me “you can do this”. Fast forward 7 years and over one hundred million dollars worth of sales later, she was right. I can do this and real estate was my chance to change my life.


Can I say for certain that without reality TV I would still be selling real estate? Maybe. But it opened up my eyes to a profession that at the time was not driven by content but was begging for change. I saw a void in the industry after being a recent home buyer and I wanted to help fill it with some creativity.


At the time, MySpace was gone, Twitter was up and running, Facebook was dominant and Instagram was still making a name for itself. That is change. That is a progression in an ever-growing and evolving industry. Why can’t real estate be the same with its content? For decades it was clear that real estate was stuck in the mud due to the people who were in charge. Maybe they didn’t know it, but the younger generation sure did. And we are shaking things up and it’s clear that the old guard is simply not here for it.


I’ve referenced this lyric in another blog I wrote by a band I love called NOFX and once again, it’s clear there is a similarity to the music industry and real estate industry.


“Kickback watch it crumble
See the drowning
Watch the fall
I feel just terrible about it
That's sarcasm
Let it burn. Dinosaurs will slowly die
And I do believe no one will cry
I'm just fucking glad I'm gonna be
There to watch the fall” - NOFX


If legacy brands make you feel safe and comfortable, I’m happy for you. My opinion of those Real Estate legacy brands is they make real estate into a lonely business. They strive to stay static because it’s worked for them for years. But don’t mind us, we’re doing our own thing, marketing ourselves in a new way, making our own path regardless of your approval or not. And it’s working. 


I went from sitting on my couch, lost and confused, to working with different real estate brokerages learning the ins and outs, to now working directly with that young broker who I saw a little of myself in on TV one spring afternoon at Serhant.


So the same way I thank MySpace for giving me a platform to hit up my now wife and ask her on our first date, thank you Bravo and reality tv for showing me a path I didn’t know I could thrive in with real estate. 


Change is good when people who are on the right side of history are leading the charge. My favorite part is knowing there is something new to be learned every day from within myself and the people I work with, regardless of the company they work for.


One more lyric to quote and wrap up this blog that I think perfectly sums up the way younger and newer agents feel about Real Estate.


“I’m doing 100 down the highway. So if you’re doing the speed limit get the fuck out of my way.” - Ludacris

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